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Criminal Law


Barry's experience in the Criminal Courts began as a Defense Attorney in the Army Jag Corps, dealing with the most difficult of juries.  


He has represented a multitude of defendants in the Suffolk County Criminal Court on a variety of charges.  You will not find counsel more experienced or knowlegable nor  one who is more acquainted with the offices of the District Attorney and the Distict court Judges.

He knows the best outcome for your circumstnace and will obtain it for you.

Property Law


Sadly, disputes among neighbors are sometimes inevitable.  Knowledge of the local, state, and environmental law is essential to analyze the problems that arise.  This is an area of the law where research and attention to detail are key.  Barry has handled numerous disputes and understands the intricacies of the rights of neighbors and what relief they can expect from the law.


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In all areas of Practice of the Law, Courtroom experience is key.
Many attorneys have never seen the inside of a Courtroom.
Barry Pittman has extensive litigation experience and skill at jury selection, attention to detail, and focus on the issues that will get you the result you deserve.
Commercial Law
Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs


Our office has extensive experience in organizin and incorporating businesses.

We have often handled disputes between landlords and tenants.

One of the most improtant areas of business is having an exit strategy, when it is time to sell the business, count on us to get your the best deal.

​Real Estate


Some Real Estate Lawyers have a very narrow practice.  Like many of them, Barry has handled hundreds of closings, for both buyers and sellers.  

Unlike other Real Estate Lawyers, Barry also understands how your property needs converge with your business, matrimimonial and other legal matters.


You need someone who understands the Big Picture!

Family Law


Deciding that it is time for a divorce is always a difficult decision.  Mr. Pittman will provide you with the best advice to make this transition as painless as possible.  His years of experience will guide you in the best direction.


If you have a custody or support matter, once again, years of experience will insure you obtain the best result.

Accidents and Negligence

If you are the victim of an accident or malpractice by a professional, you need someone with years of experience dealing with insurers.


Insurance companies know Barry Pittman won't back down and they negotiate seriously until Barry makes sure  you are justly compensated for your injury. 



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